What makes a custom cymbal company successful in the very crowded " cymbal business " these days? The answer to this question is quite simple...

Offer a product that is reliable, better built than the competitor's and give artists and customers the kind of treatment you would give to your family or close friends. It seems like a simple concept yet it is why T-Cymbals is the fastest growing and most sought after custom cymbal manufacturer today.

After close to 10 years of marketing and designing cymbals for other cymbal companies, T-Cymbals decided to start creating their own masterpieces. What they have to offer is a full custom line of cymbals tailored to the player. They have brought together all their years of our experience as both players and a "cymbal fanatics" to the table, giving birth to some of the most exciting and explosive cymbals available in today's modern market!

T-Cymbals offers 100% Handmade Turkish cymbals, made at their facility in Istanbul, Turkey

 All the T-Cymbals staff are highly skilled craftsman! "We play what we create and we stand by what we create". Our goal is to offer something special to the player who wants something other than the typical handmade, machine made or hand hammered cymbal.

"T-cymbals are as individual as you are, and like no other you have heard or seen before!!"